B.I.D. is a charity blog.  When you click on our links AND immediately purchase from Amazon.com, our site generates income and of those final profits we dedicate a generous portion to charities dedicated to making our world one that is peaceful and, InShaAllah (Allah-Willing), terror-free!  Terrorism is rooted in many causes, including a poor grasp of true Islamic teachings.  Isalm actually promotes peace and prohibits the killing of innocent people and even animals.  Terrorism is also a result of the manipulation by terrorists of those who are poverty-ridden, starving and deluded with society.  We hope that by providing a portion of our profits to those who teach the true anti-terrorism message of Islam and provide food to starving women and children, that we will thus contribute to the bedrock of social stability that will prevent terrorists from upturning yet another corner of our global community.