A Word on the Word of Allah (SWT)

The following are a few suggestions of must-haves for every home and we hope you will invest in these humble means of reaching heaven, InShaAllah (Allah-Willing).

In the Holy Quran, Allah Subhana Wa Ta’Ala has promised to preserve His Word, the last of the Holy Scripture, the Quran Kareem. For example, in Surah Hijr Allah Subhana Hu Wa Ta’Ala states that “No doubt, We have sent down this Quran, and We most surely are its Guardian” (Quran Chapter 15: Verse 9).

Here is a beautiful link to the Noble Quran. Allah has promised to keep His Noble Quran free from manipulation by the enemies of His Religion of Submission. Listen to this Quran Tilawaat and let us know what you think!

Allah also commands that we recite the Quran beautifully and in slow, measured rhythmic tones. This is known as Qara’at and Tartil.
“Or make it a little more than that and recite Quran slowly and thoughtfully” (Quran Chapter 73: Verse 4).

Try this Quran with Tajweed and with some practice you too can recite the Quran as it was meant to be recited.

Allah explains that the Quran is meant to be understood and imbued in our souls. “This is a Book that We have sent down towards you Blessed, so that they may ponder on its signs and that the men of wisdom may be admonished” (Quran Chapter 38: Verse 29).

Finally, consider this item as a Bid on Jannah, an investment that can secure your eternity in Bliss if you read and act upon the Quran Kareem. Ibn Kathir is a widely accepted contributor to historical works in the Islamic canon of religious literature.

Ibn Kathir Set of 10 Volumes.jpg

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