Little known Organizing Tools


As we study the process for business formation and maintenance we have realized how essential it is to stay organized and the same holds true regardless of whether you are arranging notes, schoolwork, important letters, bills, or any number of other useful documents. The following tools of the trade have been found to be among the best little-known or at least barely-acknowledged organizers to help you stay on track on your New Years Resolutions, whatever they may be.

Getting on top of finances can be tricky, try using these small but incredibly critical tools to stay on track.

A Seriously Cute Financial-Stress Prevention Tool
An Expense Tracker/Bill Organizer

Deceptively Small yet indispensable
Receipt Book

Track Membership Cards & Even More Importantly: Key Contacts
Contacts/Card Organizer

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Good Color-Coding System
Best Deal on Multi-Color Multi-purpose Paper

There will likely be many more similar posts to come. Putting together this list has been fun and there are many other products we will be exploring to determine the most effect products for intuitive organizing, optimal studying, optimum business!

Stay tuned and give us your thoughts as well!

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