Stuck at School…

Whether you are going through public education or your (first) Bachelor’s degree Program or even graduate studies, we all have those ‘stuck’ moments. What does it mean to be STUCK? When despite pouring over textbooks, notes, and online tutorials for hours, you still get your assignment back and it definitley doesn’t seem to reflect how much effort you put in. We tend to resort to blame: its the subject, the teacher, the software, the darn formula, etc. Sometimes, at the Eleventh hour, we even resort to blaming ourselves. It need not be as confounding. Sometimes all thats needed is an approach that helps connect the dots and since everyone connects to learning material differently, we have offered just a few things we have found to be successful in helping visual learners, auditory learners, and kinesthetic learners connect back to their study space and with the right materials for getting back on track!

First, set the scene:

1. Lighting is Essential:
Here is a lamp that can help you focus better while also complimenting your study space.

TaoTronics Lamp

2. Auditory Ambiance:
Every one needs the right pair of headphones to block out surrounding sounds while tuning into their personal ‘study zone’ selection of music/ocean waves.

Vogek Headphones

3. Posture:
This chair can allows you to sit anywhere, from your kitchen table to even your desk (see product details). Though we tend not to emphasize how a product looks, this seating accommodation is quite elegant and serves as a great value as well!

Roundhill Barstool

Second, have the essential supplies:

1. Paper:
HP white paper lets you print, sketch, draw, concept map and more!

HP Paper

2. Pens:
THE must-have writing utensil of all time!

Zebra Multi-function pen with Mechanical Pencil

3. Ink:
One of HP’s best-sellers due to affordability, quality, and usability


Finally, Don’t forget to Keep Learning good Study Strategies:
1. Time Organization:
From the Pro:

Time Management From the Inside Out-Second Edition

2. Study Skills:
A masterpiece indeed:

Becoming A Master Student

3. Focus on what matters:
A soul rejuvenating read:

Purification of the Heart

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